No Witness

Frankie Fictitious's Award winning Act. This is the act Frankie was crowned "Miss Exotic World" and "Most Dazzling" at The Burlesque Hall of Fame!

Buckle up and be ready for an Exotic Ride!

Welcome to the Jungle

Frankie Fictitious welcomes you to the wild side. A high energy rock n' roll act with shocking reveals and and a sexy yet playful demeanor.

Frankie Fictitious plays Street Fighter character Chun Li.

Chun Li

Red Royal

Frankie Fictitious goes back to the roots of classic burlesque with a good 'ol Bump 'n Grind

What the Dame Says

Frankie Fictitious explores both feminine and masculine rolls in this 1940s style inspired Reverse Strip.

The Sugar in your StripTease

Fancy a cup of tea? Frankie Fictitious will tease you and please when you see her take a spin in her teacup!

Holidaze Snowglobe

Frankie Fictitious will put you in a holidaze as she fills your heart with warmth and happiness. 

3 Breasts

You're going to wish you had three hands when you see this act in the Flesh!

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